General info

Purchase bundles or defeat special targets to send all members alliance gifts.

Alliance gifts



Treasure of Crystal

Alliance Treasure of White Crystal

Treasure of White Crystal

Collect Key Points Key Points to unlock the Treasure of Crystal which contains massive rewards. Key Points can be earned by opening alliance gifts. Upgrade the alliance gift level to improve the quality of the treasure.

Treasure type Key Points Key Points to unlock
White Cystal 2,000,000
Green Cystal 2,500,000

Gift Level

Collect Gift Points Gift Points to increase the alliance gift level. How higher the alliance gift level, how higher the quality of alliance gift rewards. Gift Points can be earned by opening alliance gifts

Level Total Gift Points Gift Points Unlock
1 None Treasure of White Crystal
3 225,000
6 450,000
7 625,000
8 1,250,000
9 1,750,000
10 3,000,000 Treasure of Green Crystal
11 3,900,000
13 5,700,000
14 6,600,000
15 8,100,000
16 9,000,000
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