The Center Fortress is the core of an alliance. Build it to start an Alliance Territory. All flags must be connected to an alliance fortress or the center fortress to be able to provide bonuses like increasing gathering speed by 25% for all resource points on alliance territory. Gathering on alliance territory also contributes a portion to alliance resources. Territory must border Holy Sites and passes in order to be able to be rallied and claim them for the alliance, and other alliance's flags must border in order to burn down enemy alliance structures, and occupy enemy alliance Holy Sites and passes.

Territory Buildings

  • Center Fortress requires 1,000,000 Alliance Credits, 20 Alliance Members, and 500,000 Alliance Power.
  • Alliance Fortress 1 requires 5,000,000 Alliance Credits, 2,000,000 Alliance Food, 2,000,000 Alliance  Wood, 1,500,000 Alliance Stone, 990,000 Alliance Gold, 50 Alliance Members, and 5,000,000 Alliance Power.
  • Alliance Fortress 2 requires 9,900,000 Alliance Credits, 5,000,000 Alliance Food, 5,000,000 Alliance Wood, 3,000,000 Alliance Stone, 2,000,000 Alliance Gold ,50 Alliance Members, and 5,000,000 Alliance Power.

Alliance Flags

  • 1st: 50k Alliance Credits
  • 2nd: 50k Alliance Credits
  • 3rd: 50k Alliance Credits
  • 4th: 50k Alliance Credits
  • 5th: 50k Alliance Credits
  • 6th: 50k Alliance Credits, 50k Alliance Food, 50k Alliance Wood
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