An Ancient Ruin is a structure on a map in Template:Lost Kingdom that is not capturing as Template:Sanctuaries, Template:Hierons, etc.


  • The first opening is by Achievement in Twilight after several days, your alliance must be in the top 20.
  • the open interval is 15 hours
  • it opens for 1 hour
  • first alliance kills 1 wave of stalkers will capture it and then it gives you and your alliance points per each army per minute


  • Stalkers kill give you rewards equal to kill a barbarians level 30, with higher chance to get gems
  • Stalkers are aggressive, so will automatically attack you when you will be near
  • Stalkers are spawning per 10 stalker armies on the map, those can move even out of square, so bring the second army and left it in the corner to get points for the whole time
  • Every 5 mins are popped up a wave
  • Dariusz the Fire Eater - after kill he drops several gift boxes on the map so you can pick it up by the army.
  • Stalkers wave no. 1, 2, 4 & 5
  • Dariusz the Fire Eater wave no. 3
  • [Crowly the Butcher] wave no. 6


  • Increased Individual points from 3 to 15 per minute
  • Increased Alliance points from 1 to 5 per minute
  • The points are given per player instead of armies, so only one army benefit from participating
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