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"The Lyceum of Wisdom is a haven with the most advanced knowledge of its time. Travelers from across the land gather here to exchange priviledged information. The most prestigious and inflential figures often come to share their wisdom, in hopes of advancing civilization, and advancing mankind as a whole."

Building Lyceum of Wisdom 1 5.png
Unlocked at: City Hall Lv.10

Governors can now play a quiz minigame event with this building titled Peerless Scholar. This building's function was stated as being locked before the 1.0.32 Patch. According to the 1.0.32 Patch Notes, 'every month at the “Lyceum of Wisdom”, a trivia quiz contest will be open to all Governors and lasts for one month. Governors who pass will be able to receive a ton of rewards, and Governors that make it to the very end will receive their hard-earned share from a massive pool of Gems!'.[1] The Lyceum of Wisdom now also offers a Kingdom Newspaper, which can be purchased for 10 gems and sometimes gives the governor buffs when purchased.

Building Requirements

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The build times listed below assume no building bonuses are active, such as those from technologies, alliance technologies, or VIP perks. While we cannot predict your build time, it will likely be less.
Level Requirements Cost Time Power
1 City Hall Lv. 10

Resource icon food.png 1000
Resource icon wood.png 1000
Resource icon stone.png 1000

2s None