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No one is born a hero—a pure and noble heart determines whether a person will overcome his or her greatest obstacles. In the tavern you can find all kinds of people, including, perhaps, the commander who is fated to help you write history. Get ready to meet your destiny.

Building Tavern 1 5.png
Unlocked at: City Hall Lv.1

The Tavern is a building which allows for the opening of Silver Chests, Golden Chests, and Equipment Chests using Keys. These chests allow the governor to obtain 4 items chosen at random from a plethora of items. Upgrading the tavern allows for free chests of both variety to be opened more frequently.

Building Requirements

Internal clipboard.svg Please note
The build times listed below assume no building bonuses are active, such as those from technologies, alliance technologies, or VIP perks. While we cannot predict your build time, it will likely be less.
Level Unlocks Requirements Free
Cost Time Power
1 None None 3d 3 Resource icon food.png 200
Resource icon wood.png 200
2s 5
2 None City Hall Lv.2 2d23h 3 Resource icon food.png 300
Resource icon wood.png 300
15s 10
3 None City Hall Lv.3 2d22h 3 Resource icon food.png 500
Resource icon wood.png 500
1m 16
4 None City Hall Lv.4 2d21h 3 Resource icon food.png 1.0K
Resource icon wood.png 1.0K
3m 27
5 Wall Lv.5 Quarry Lv.5 2d20h 4 Resource icon food.png 2.0K
Resource icon wood.png 2.0K
10m 59
6 Wall Lv.6 Quarry Lv.6 2d19h 4 Resource icon food.png 2.7K
Resource icon wood.png 2.7K
Resource icon stone.png 7.0K
36m 40s 178
7 Wall Lv.7 Quarry Lv.7 2d18h 4 Resource icon food.png 4.0K
Resource icon wood.png 4.0K
Resource icon stone.png 10.6K
1h 13m 401
8 Wall Lv.8 Quarry Lv.8 2d17h 5 Resource icon food.png 6.0K
Resource icon wood.png 6.0K
Resource icon stone.png 16.0K
2h 27m 825
9 Wall Lv.9 Quarry Lv.9 2d16h 5 Resource icon food.png 9.0K
Resource icon wood.png 9.0K
Resource icon stone.png 24.0K
4h 53m 1,637
10 Wall Lv.10 Quarry Lv.10 2d15h 5 Resource icon food.png 13.5K
Resource icon wood.png 13.5K
Resource icon stone.png 36.0K
9h 47m 3,207
11 Wall Lv.11 Quarry Lv.11 2d14h 6 Resource icon food.png 21.0K
Resource icon wood.png 21.0K
Resource icon stone.png 55.0K
11h 44m 5,145
12 Wall Lv.12 Quarry Lv.12 2d13h 6 Resource icon food.png 32.0K
Resource icon wood.png 32.0K
Resource icon stone.png 85.0K
14h 5m 7,555
13 Wall Lv.13 Quarry Lv.13 2d12h 6 Resource icon food.png 49.0K
Resource icon wood.png 49.0K
Resource icon stone.png 130.0K
16h 54m 10,574
14 Wall Lv.14 Quarry Lv.14 2d11h 7 Resource icon food.png 74.0K
Resource icon wood.png 74.0K
Resource icon stone.png 195.0K
20h 17m 14,374
15 Wall Lv.15 Quarry Lv.15 2d10h 7 Resource icon food.png 111.0K
Resource icon wood.png 111.0K
Resource icon stone.png 295.0K
1d 19,206
16 Wall Lv.16 Quarry Lv.16 2d9h 7 Resource icon food.png 167.0K
Resource icon wood.png 167.0K
Resource icon stone.png 445.0K
1d 5h 25,413
17 Wall Lv.17 Quarry Lv.17 2d8h 8 Resource icon food.png 252.0K
Resource icon wood.png 252.0K
Resource icon stone.png 670.0K
1d 11h 33,476
18 Wall Lv.18 Quarry Lv.18 2d7h 8 Resource icon food.png 394.0K
Resource icon wood.png 394.0K
Resource icon stone.png 1.1M
1d 18h 44,256
19 Wall Lv.19 Quarry Lv.19 2d6h 8 Resource icon food.png 600.0K
Resource icon wood.png 600.0K
Resource icon stone.png 1.6M
2d 2h 58,720
20 Wall Lv.20 Quarry Lv.20 2d5h 8 Resource icon food.png 900.0K
Resource icon wood.png 900.0K
Resource icon stone.png 2.4M
2d 13h 78,237
21 Wall Lv.21 Quarry Lv.21 2d4h 9 Resource icon food.png 1.4M
Resource icon wood.png 1.4M
Resource icon stone.png 3.6M
3d 104,898
22 Wall Lv.22 Quarry Lv.22 2d3h 9 Resource icon food.png 2.0M
Resource icon wood.png 2.0M
Resource icon stone.png 5.4M
3d 22h 142,797
23 Wall Lv.23 Quarry Lv.23 2d2h 9 Resource icon food.png 3.0M
Resource icon wood.png 3.0M
Resource icon stone.png 8.1M
5d 12h 198,288
24 Wall Lv.24 Quarry Lv.24 2d1h 9 Resource icon food.png 4.7M
Resource icon wood.png 4.7M
Resource icon stone.png 12.5M
8d 6h 283,099
25 Wall Lv.25 Quarry Lv.25 2d 10 Resource icon food.png 7.1M
Resource icon wood.png 7.1M
Resource icon stone.png 19.0M
1x Item Master's Blueprint.png Master's Blueprint
28d 9h 468,557

Silver Chests

Note: Epic Commander Sculptures available do not include Lohar and Keira.

Reward Probability
Elite Commander (or 10 sculptures if obtained previously) 0.707%
Advanced Commander (or 10 sculptures if obtained previously) 2.122%
Epic Commander Sculpture 1.009%
Elite Commander Sculpture 4.035%
Advanced Commander Sculpture 8.456%
Brand-new Starlight Sculpture 3.364%
Ordindary Starlight Sculpture 6.727%
Obsolete Starlight Sculpture 16.818%
Resource Item 21.023%
Speedup 12.614%
Tome of Knowledge 23.125%

Gold Chests

Note: Legendary commanders available are non-Wheel of Fortune, non-KvK reward, not exclusive to The Mightiest Governor nor expedition nor VIP. Epic Commanders available do not include Lohar and Keira.

Reward Probability
Legendary Commander (or 10 sculptures if obtained previously) 0.78688%
Epic Commander (or 10 sculptures if obtained previously) 2.35527%
Elite Commander (or 10 sculptures if obtained previously) 3.42585%
Legendary Commander Sculpture 3.06398%
Epic Commander Sculpture 8.41735%
Elite Commander Sculpture 15.49167%
Dazzling Starlight Sculpture 4.92289%
Brand-new Starlight Sculpture 9.84578%
Resource Item 17.23011%
Speedup 12.92258%
Tome of Knowledge 21.53764%

Equipment Chests

Also see: Blacksmith.

Reward Probability
Elite Blueprints 0.5%
Advanced Blueprints 1.8%
Normal Blueprints 11.8%
Legendary Blueprint Fragments 0.7%
Epic Blueprint Fragments 6.3%
Elite Blueprint Fragments 7%
Advanced Blueprint Fragments 15.4%
Normal Blueprint Fragments 22%
Equipment Materials 34.5%

Side Quests

Rewards are given via quest completion for upgrading this building.

Blessed Talents — Upgrade the Tavern (edit)
Requirement Reward
Build Tavern (Heroes Among Chaos) Resource icon food.png 250
Resource icon wood.png 250
Upgrade Tavern to Level 2 Resource icon food.png 500
Resource icon wood.png 250
Upgrade Tavern to Level 3 Resource icon food.png 500
Resource icon wood.png 750
Upgrade Tavern to Level 4 Resource icon food.png 750
Resource icon wood.png 1,000
Upgrade Tavern to Level 5 Resource icon food.png 3,750
Resource icon wood.png 3,500
Upgrade Tavern to Level 6 Resource icon food.png 2,750
Resource icon wood.png 2,750
Resource icon stone.png 2,750
Upgrade Tavern to Level 7 Resource icon food.png 3,250
Resource icon wood.png 3,250
Resource icon stone.png 3,250
Upgrade Tavern to Level 8 Resource icon food.png 4,000
Resource icon wood.png 4,250
Resource icon stone.png 4,250
Upgrade Tavern to Level 9 Resource icon food.png 4,500
Resource icon wood.png 4,000
Resource icon stone.png 4,000
Upgrade Tavern to Level 19 Resource icon food.png 79,500
Resource icon wood.png 80,250
Resource icon stone.png 81,000
Upgrade Tavern to Level 20 Resource icon food.png 119,250
Resource icon wood.png 120,250
Resource icon stone.png 121,500