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Cavalry Talent Tree

Cavalry Talent Tree

Talents Talent Points (50) Attack Defense Health March Speed Rage Bonus Damage Dealt Skill Damage Taken Reduction
Defense 4 4%
Attack 3 3%
Health 3 3%
March Speed 6 18%

Charge When the army led by this commander has been reduced to less than 50% strength, increases march speed.

3 30%

Galea Increases health of cavalary units.

3 3%

Halberd Cavalry units led by this commander deal additional damage to archer units.

3 9%

Dragon Saber Increases normal attack damage of all troops led by this commander.

3 1.5%

Undying Fury Normal attacks grant additional rage.

3 9

Equestrian Excellence Normal troop attacks have a 10% chance to increase march speed for the next 2 seconds.

3 15%

Emblazoned Shield Reduces skill damage taken by 12%.

4 12%

Disarm Normal troop attacks have a 10% chance to reduce enemy attack for the next 2 seconds.

4 -20% (of enemy target)

Rallying Cry

Increases all damage dealt by 15% during the first 10 seconds after entering battle.

5 15%

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