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Conquering Talent Tree

Conquering Talent Tree

Talents Talent Points (48) Attack Rage Bonus Defense Health March Speed Damage Taken Reduction Damage Dealt Troop Load Dead Troops Reduction
Defense 6 3%
Attack 7 3.5%
Health 4 2%
March Speed 2 6%

Buckler Shield Reduces counterattack damage taken.

3 1.5% (counterattack)

Moment of Triumph While the army led by this commander is at more than 90% strength, increases all damage dealt.

3 9%

Marionette Reduces damage taken from Watchtowers.

3 15% (from watchtowers)

Signal Flare Increases damage dealt to Watchtowers.

3 15% (to watchtowers)

Thoroughbreds When this commander launches a rally attack, increases march speed of the rallied army.

3 9%

Well Provisioned Increases troop load.

3 9%

Entrenched Increases all damage dealt to strongholds, and damage taken from stronghold garrisons is reduced.

3 3% 3%

Tear of Blessing The number of troops that die when attacking another governor's city is reduced and are isntead severely wounded (and can be healed in the Hospital).

3 10%

Meteor Shower

When attacking garrisons, normal attacks have a 10% chance to increase all damage dealt on the next turn.

5 50%

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