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Defense Talent Tree

Defense Talent Tree

Talents Talent Points (48) Attack Rage Bonus Defense Health March Speed Damage Dealt Reduction Damage Taken Reduction Skill Damage Taken Reduction Healing Effect
Defense 7 3.5%
Attack 6 3%
Health 4 2%
March Speed 2 6%

Burning Blood Grants additional rage every time this commander's troops are attacked.

3 6 6%

Master Armorer When troops led by this commander enter battle, increases defense.

3 (1.5 x Commander Star Level)%

No Weaknesses Reduces Damage taken.

3 1.5%

Spiked Armor Increases counterattack damage dealt.

3 1.5%

Loose Formation Reduces skill damage taken.

3 6%

Balance Reduces damage taken, but also reduces damage dealt.

3 3% 3%

Testudo Formation Normal troop attacks have a 10% chance to reduce all damage taken during the next one second.

3 15%

Medicinal Supplies After using a skill, heals a portion of slightly wounded units.

3 Healing Factor 300

Desperate Elegy

When the army led by this commander has been reduced to 30% strength, greately increases rage accumulation rate for the next 20 seconds. Additional rage will be received from each attack.

5 25 received from each attack

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