Infantry Talent Tree


Infantry talent tree

Talents Talent Points (50) Attack

Rage Bonus

Defense Health March Speed Damage


March Speed Reduction
Defense 6 6%
Attack 4 4%
Health 5 5%
March Speed 4 12%

Call of the pack Strength reduced

to 50%, increase

defense of all


3 6%

Double-Headed AxeIncrease normal

attack damage.

3 1.5%

Undying Fury Normal attacks grant additional rage.

3 9

Iron Spear Infantry units lead by this commander deal additional damage to cavalry.

3 9%

Strong of Body Increase Health of infantry units.

3 6%

Fleet Of Foot Increase march speed of infantry units.

3 6%

Hold The Line When army contains only infantry units, gives troop 10% chance to reduce damage taken for the next 2 seconds after being attack.

4 20%

Snare of Thorns Normal attack has a 10% chance to reduce target march speed for the next 2 seconds.

4 20%

Elite Soldiers

When army contains only infantry units, increase attack, defense and health.

5 2.5% 2.5% 2.5%

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