Support Talent Tree

Support Talent Tree

Talents Talent Points (48) Attack Rage Bonus Defense Health March Speed Healing Effect Enhancement Skill Damage Taken Reduced
Defense 6 3%
Attack 6 3%
Health 4 2%
March Speed 3 9%

Hasty Departure When troops led by this commander deprrt from a structure, increases march speed for the next 10 seconds.

3 60%

Elixir Enhances healing effects received by troops.

3 9%

Burning Blood Normal attacks grant additional rage.

3 9

Loose Formation Reduces skill damage taken.

3 9%

Expert Design Increases attack, defense, and health of siege units.

3 6% 6% 6%

Counterattack When healed, troops led by this commander will have their attack increased for the next 3 seconds.

3 9%

Rejuvenate Instantly restores rage whenever a skill is used.

3 150

Emergency Protection When troops led by this commander take skill damage, there is a 50% chance that they will gain additional skill damage reduction for the next 3 seconds.

3 15%

Cage of Thorns

After using an active skill, reduces march speed of nearby enemy troops. (Duration: 3 seconds; maximum 5 targets.)

5 25%

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