Cao Cao (曹操) was a warlord of Northern China, and his established dynasty of Wei, during the demise of the Han Dynasty, through the Three Kingdoms period.

He is obtained through gold chests primarily.


Commander skill Dragon Rider.png
Dragon Rider
Active Skill

Rage Requirement: 1000
Deals direct damage to the target, and reduces its attack and march speed for 3 seconds.

Upgrade Preview:
Direct Damage Factor: 600 / 800 / 1000 / 1200 / 1400
Attack Reduction: 20% / 25% / 30% / 35% / 40%
March Speed Reduction: 5% / 6% / 7% / 8% / 10%

Commander skill The Qingzhou Army.png
The Qingzhou Army
Passive Skill

Troops led by this commander deal increased damage against barbarians.

Upgrade Preview:
Bonus Damage To Barbarians: 10% / 20% / 30% / 40% / 50%

Commander skill Tiger Knight.png
Tiger Knight
Passive Skill

Cavalry units led by this commander gain increased march speed and increased attack.

Upgrade Preview:
Cavalry March Speed Bonus: 3% / 4.5% / 6% / 8% / 10%
Cavalry Attack Bonus: 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% / 30%

Commander skill Lofty Ambition.png
Lofty Ambition
Passive Skill

The normal attacks of troops have a 10% chance to heal a portion of the slightly wounded units, restore rage, and increase troops' march speed by 20% for 3 seconds. This effect can only trigger once every 5 seconds.

Upgrade Preview:
Healing Factor Bonus: 500 / 600 / 700 / 800 / 1000
Rage Restored: 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 100

Commander skill Emperor Wu of Wei.png
Emperor Wu of Wei
New skill: Passive Skill

Cavalry units led by this commander gain 25% increased attack at the expense of 10% reduced defense.


Cao Cao, courtesy name Mengde, was a Chinese warlord and the penultimate Chancellor of the Eastern Han dynasty. As one of the central figures of the Three Kingdoms period, he laid the foundations for what was to become the state of Cao Wei and was posthumously honoured as "Emperor Wu of Wei". He is often portrayed as a cruel and merciless tyrant in subsequent literature; however, he has also been praised as a brilliant ruler and military genius who treated his subordinates like his family. Cao Cao had much success as the Haan chancellor, but his handling of the Han emperor Liu Xie was heavily criticized and resulted in a continued and then escalated civil war.

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