Rise of Kingdoms Wiki

This page explains the benefits and methods of contributing to your alliance!

Help your Allies[]

Help can be given immediately after joining an alliance. You can help and get helped by other alliance members for 3 different things :

  • for the construction or the upgrade of their/your buildings,
  • for the research or the upgrade of their/your technologies, and

The help provided will accelerate the speed of progression by 1% and shorten the duration by at least 1 minute, whichever is greater. The number of helps a player can receive depends on the level of their Alliance Center. Each help provided generates Resource icon alliance creditsalliance credits.

Technology Donations[]

Donating towards Alliance Technology costs very little resources to you, contributes Resource icon technology pointstechnology points, earns you Resource icon individual creditsindividual credits, and earns Resource icon alliance creditsalliance credits. Once the donation meter of Resource icon technology pointsTechnology Points on technology is filled, an Officer (Rank 4) or the alliance Leader may begin the research. Alliance technology benefits the alliance and alliance members with buffs, for very little individual cost. The number of times you can donate to alliance technology is capped at 20 times and the game refreshes one time every 30 minutes.

At server reset each day and every week, you get rewards based on the amount of alliance technology points you donated:

Rank Daily donation reward Weekly donation
1 Item Universal Speedup 8-hour Speedup

Alliance Building Construction[]

When an alliance structure is built, sending troops to help build the structure reduces the building time and gives you Resource icon individual creditsindividual credits while the structure is built. Alliance structures are commenced by an officer or leader. The more members that have sent troops and the more troops sent, the faster the build time is reduced.

There are generally 2 kinds of builds:

  1. A fast build, when the alliance has lots of alliance resources and to build many flags at once, using as many troops as possible to build alliance structures.
  2. A slow build, when the alliance cannot accumulate alliance resources quickly and is slowly done with as few troops as possible, maintaining maximum members contributing, such that when alliance resources are sufficient, the next alliance structure can be built. This also maximizes the amount of Resource icon individual creditsindividual credits everyone earns.

Also see Territory.

Get Rewarded![]

So what's the point of all these credits? Well, Resource icon alliance creditsalliance Credits are used to research technology, build alliance structures, and also stock the Alliance Shop where you can spend your Resource icon individual creditsindividual credits!

When an officer or leader stocks the shop with valuable items using Resource icon alliance creditsalliance credits, you can then purchase them using your Resource icon individual creditsindividual credits. The value of the item normally, the more expensive it will be in terms of Resource icon individual creditsindividual credits. credits, of any type. So save up! (Teleports are pretty sweet rewards).

As well, every time a Barbarian Fort, or Junior Lohar, or Dauntless Lohar (summon items for them obtained during the Lohar's Trial event) is defeated by your alliance, or when a bundle is purchased with Internal money orangemoney, or when an alliance member completes the midterm or final exam of Peerless Scholar at the Lyceum of Wisdom, you will get a random reward just for being part of the alliance. Claiming these rewards gets you Key Points towards opening an alliance gift for even more rewards.