Rise of Kingdoms Wiki

Events are goals which are set server-wide and give rewards for their accomplishment.

Permanent Events[]

Permanent events are those which are always active, regardless of the progress of the kingdom within the kingdom timeline or the real-world time of year.

Event Name Description
UI Event Era Breakthrough Era Breakthrough Upgrade the City Hall
UI Event Facebook Facebook Follow the Official Facebook Page for Resource icon gem 200 Gems

Kingdom Events[]

Server events are generally triggered by the kingdom reaching specific milestones within the kingdom timeline, such as those displayed on the Monument. As such, they align with the general progress of the kingdom your city inhabits.

Event Name Description
Legendary Tavern (Season 3+ only) Use sovereign keys to open chests or a chance of commander heads or them. Lasts 45 days.
Heart's Desire (Season 3+ only) Choose your choice of legendary commanders and use sovereign keys to get a chance of getting your wanted commander. Lasts 5 days.
UI Event Lohar's Trial Lohar's Trial Finish off barbarians, to get a Bone Necklace
UI Event The Mightiest Governor The Mightiest Governor Compete against other governors in your kingdom by completing various tasks
UI Event Mighty Army Mighty Army Train troops and defeat barbarians
UI Event Warpath Warpath Train troops, level 2 or higher, of each type.
UI Event Lord of War Lord of War Compete against other governors in your kingdom by increasing troop power
UI Event Tiles & Bricks Tiles & Bricks Increase building power
UI Event Boundless Wisdom Boundless Wisdom Research technologies
UI Event Overwhelming Strength Overwhelming Strength Increase power by training building, research, and training troops.
UI Event Daily Gathering Daily Gathering Gather resources on the map
UI Event Who Will Be Dominant Game of Power

Increase overall power

UI Event Clarion Call Clarion Call Defeat barbarians
UI Event Strategic Reserve Strategic Reserve Collect resources in the city, gather resources on the map, and defeat barbarians to receive Supply Boxes
Item Solidus Rome &
Imperial Wealth
Complete various tasks for Rome-themed rewards
The Karuak Ceremony Defeat the special barbarians. Complete the 40 different stages and face the bosses with your alliance members together.
Victorious Heart Train troops, Tier 2 or higher, of each type
Training Day Use Training Speedups
Holy Conqueror Defeat Guardians and Collect Runes
UI Event Rise of Kingdoms Rise of Kingdoms Participate in different exciting events each day for 7 days and receive Emblems of Loyalty!
Hero Returns  Exchange your Emblems of Loyalty for incredible awards!
Who Will Reign Supreme Who Will Reign Supreme
The Golden Kingdom Explore fog-covered tiles and defeat guardians to collect rewards
Alliance Mobilization Complete and turn in quests to compete against other alliances

Global Events[]

Global events are triggered by major occurrences in the real world, in at least one part of the globe. They are generally set around commonly celebrated holidays.

Event Name Category
UI Event Hallow's Eve Hallow's Eve Halloween (2019)
UI Event Halloween Bash Halloween Bash Halloween (2019)
UI Event Haunted Pumpkins Haunted Pumpkins Halloween (2019)
UI Event Halloween Party Halloween Party Halloween (2019)
UI Event Ghost Parade Ghost Parade Halloween (2019)
UI Event Qixi Rendezvous Qixi Rendezvous Qixi Festival
UI Event Hungry Turkey Hungry Turkey Thanksgiving
UI Event Grateful For You Grateful For You Thanksgiving
UI Event Cornucopia Cornucopia Thanksgiving
UI Event Esmeralda's House Esmeralda's House N/A
UI Event Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune N/A