Rise of Kingdoms Wiki

Holy Conqueror requires you to defeat guardians and collect the runes they drop to complete it, lasts for 2 days.

The 4 tasks and rewards are:

- Defeat Guardians 1 times (rewards: 5,000 experience, 10,000 wood and food, 1 5minute speedup and 1 silver key)

- Defeat Guardians 3 times (rewards: 5,000 experience, 50,000 wood and food, 2 5minute speedups and 1 8hr gathering boost)

- Defeat Guardians 5 times (rewards: 5,000 experience, 37,500 stone, 3,000 gold, 2 5 minute speedups and 1 gold key)

- Collect 5 runes (rewards: 5,000 experience, 37,500 stone, 3,000 gold, 1 5minute speedup and 1 silver key)

Guardians are very strong barbarians. They can be found around sanctums, altars and shrines, respective to that order, significantly stronger each time. Unlike normal barbarians, they require a strong, well-built army to defeat them. They cannot be rallied but a common method experienced players use to defeat guardians is to surround one guardian at a time with lots of armies and attack simultaneously. All players who are attacking at the moment the guardian is defeated will receive experience and this will count towards the event. Do this 5 times and you have completed one side of the event.

To complete 'Collect 5 runes' you only need to select a rune and then select 'gather' or drag your army onto the rune. It takes 10 seconds for a rune to be gathered. This can be repeated as many times as needed right after each successful gathering. Only 1 rune's bonuses can be active at any time so the last rune you collect will be the one that's active. You can change the runes bonus anytime by gathering another rune. Rune bonuses last for 1 hour.