The Cowherd and the Weaver gaze longingly across the heavenly river, awaiting the bridge of magpies that will bring them together once more. The Qixi Festival is coming, and we have prepared a variety of exciting events and incredible gifts— as well as limited-edition holiday themes and special new city decorations— for all of you!

Event Rules

First stage

Events/Language of Lanterns: Complete daily quessts to recieve
Item Small Flower Lantern
Small Flower Lanterns and Commander Sculptures.

Events/Magpie Bridge Rendezvous: Decorate your Magpie Bridge with
Item Small Flower Lantern
Small Flower Lanterns to earn rewards. Unlock the fantasy bridge for a chance to receive a permanentt city theme!

Events/Latern's Shadow: During this event, governors will have a change to find
Item Small Flower Lantern
Small Flower Lanterns, as well as a limited-edition
Item Magpie Bridge (3 days)
Magpie Bridge (3 days)!

Events/Lotus War: Defaut as many barbarian troops as you can without returning to home and win abundant rewards!

Second stage
Events/Day and Night: Collect materials to make your own paper lanterns!
Events/Paper Stars: Release your lantern into the sky and make a wish!

Third Stage
Events/Sharp Eyes & Quick Hands: Earn rewards and compete with other governors throughout the kingdom in this fun jigsaw puzzle challenge!

Events/Picking Up Pieces: Collect
Item Puzzle Piece
Puzzle Pieces to use in the "Events/Sharp Eyes & Quick Hands" event.

Fourth Stage
Events/Bankrupt The Boutique: The Mysterious Merchant is offering some insane deals, and the more you buy, the better deals you'll receive.

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