The Karuak Ceremony

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Legends tells that long ago, deep in the mountain forests, was once a mysterious barbarian kingdom: Karaku. In the barbarian tongue, "Karaku" means "Kingdom of Gold", and the kingdom was so named because of the countless occult treasures that enriched its lands. These divine treasures drew the covetous gazes of many greedy enemies, who attacked the kingdom constantly. To protect themselves, the Karaku people began to hold an annual competition in which the kingdom's greatest warrior would battle one another to determine who was the strongest of all. The warrior who emerged victorious was hailed "Kau Karuak", and the great responsibility of defending the kingdom was placed upon their shoulders.

Event Rules

  1. Before the beginning of the ceremony, the challenger must choose a difficulty. Greater rewards will be received for completing challenges at higher difficulties, but once the challenger has chosen a difficulty, it cannot be changed for the remainder of the ceremony.
  2. Usually, challengers may only participate in the ceremony by launching a regular attack or rally attack, and other governors cannot provide assistance. However, if the challenger sends out a call for help, allies who wish to provide assistance will be able to launch a rally attack. Calling for help will expend a Mark of the Karuak—these items are extremely rare, so use them wisely.
  3. If a rally attack is launched to complete a challenge, additional reinforcements cannot be sent after the rallied army has departed.
  4. Governors who help their allies complete a challenge will occasionally be rewarded with a Mark of the Karuak. However, the probability of receiving such a rare item is quite low.
  5. At the start of the ceremony, all governors will receive five Marks of he Karuak. Unused marks will be reclaimed at the end of the ceremony.
  6. At the end of the ceremony, governors will receive an occult treasure corresponing to the highest level challenge they completed during the ceremony.

Individual Rewards

At the beginning of the event you can decide your stage of difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare and Hell. Each stage consists of 50 waves of barbarian enemies and thus 50 different rewards. Each 10th level there is a special "Elite" barbarian that gives better rewards.

The barbarian commander for the Easy difficulty is Calvin, which shows the following patterns between stages:

  • After every stage he gets twice the stage level
  • After every 6th stage he gets 1 extra commander star
  • At every 2-5-2th pattern, he gets an extra level in his commander skill Barbarian Charge.

The following list shows the detailed information per stage difficulty:

Demolishers (Alliance)

Demolishers can be summoned once the Alliance members have reached a certain checkpoint. These Demolishers can be rallied and result in rewards for each member joining the rally defeating the Demolisher.

Demolisher Unlocked at
The Karuak Ceremony Demolisher "First of Blades" Andaal.png
"First of Blades" Andaal
At least 15 alliance members must have completed Challenge 15 on NORMAL difficulty or higher.
The Karuak Ceremony Demolisher Bearkeeper Lukor.png
Bearkeeper Lukor
At least 20 alliance members must have completed Challenge 20 on HARD difficulty or higher.
The Karuak Ceremony Demolisher Shield Chieftain Murdos.png
Shield Chieftain Murdos
At least 25 alliance members must have completed Challenge 40 on HARD difficulty or higher.
The Karuak Ceremony Demolisher Vodoo Priest Pache.png
Vodoo Priest Pache
At least 30 alliance members must have completed Challenge 30 on NIGHTMARE difficulty or higher.
The Karuak Ceremony Demolisher Solor Por.png
Solor Por
At least 35 alliance members must have completed Challenge 35 on HELL difficulty or higher.
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