Rise of Kingdoms Wiki

Q.) How can I learn more about the game, in-game?[]

A.) In almost every window, for example, when you click to upgrade your City Hall, there will be an "i" icon somewhere, which you can tap on to get the basic information about the thing you are looking at.

Q.) What should I spend my gems on?[]

A.) Spend them on VIP points until you get to VIP level 10. VIP levels increase everything by boosting resource production and other stats like train and building speeds. At VIP level 6 you gain permanent access to the second builder queue. At VIP level 10, you get one Legendary Commander sculpture each day which is the hardest resource to get in the game. After VIP level 10, you can either continue to spend them on VIP points to level 14 to get 3 sculptures a day, or use them on Book of Covenant to upgrade your castle since they're incredibly hard to obtain.

Q.) Which commander should I upgrade?[]

A.) There are many things to consider, such as your play style and your plans of use with them. See Commander Guide.

You can also take a look at the guide Ultimate Talent Guide For All Commanders by Shinchi42 to see the most effective ways to upgrade your Commanders for an easier game!

Q.) What are the benefits of secondary commanders?[]

A.) Once you get your primary commander to 3 stars, you may assign them a secondary commander when marching. Secondary commanders act as a partly supporting role, with only its unlocked skills coming into effect. Secondary commander talent specialties and talent trees have no effect.

Rise of Kingdoms - -Beginner's Guide- - How to use Second Commander

Q.) How do I start a city in a different server/kingdom?[]

A.) Click your picture top left of your screen > settings > character management > create new character.

Q.) How do I move my city to a new kingdom?[]

A.) Requirements:

  • You must have a "Beginner Teleport" (players earn 2 of these by the time they reach City Hall Level 7.
  • Cannot be in an alliance
  • City Hall must be under level 8
  • You are not in any battles
  • All march queues are idle
  • No reinforcements in your city
  • Only 2 characters per kingdom.

Alternatively, you may obtain passport page(s) from bundles or from the alliance shop for Resource icon individual credits600k individual credits. You will need a certain number based on your power, and:

  • Cannot be in an alliance
  • You are not in any battles
  • All march queues are idle
  • No reinforcements in your city
  • Only 2 characters per kingdom.

How?: Zoom out from your city until you see a globe button appear in the bottom right of your screen. Select the globe to see lists of kingdoms. Select the preferred kingdom, then select the preferred region by selecting a listed "Teleport".

Q.) How can I teleport to my alliance's territory?[]

A.) There are two options - the Territorial Teleport, which is fairly cheap, or one of your beginner's teleports. Targeted teleports are harder to obtain, so it is best to save these, and random teleports do not guarantee you getting to your destination. Once your alliance has a Fortress, which creates a territory, you can use the Territorial Teleport to move a city into that territory from any region within the same kingdom.

The Targeted Teleport will also work, whether or not your alliance has a territory set up yet. It is more expensive. [1]

Q.) What happens when a fortress is destroyed?[]

A.) The Fortress gets removed and the area is no longer considered occupied.

Q.) How do you attack a fortress?[]

A.) You have to expand your alliance's territory to touch the enemy alliance's fortress territory before you can rally.

Q.) What are your primary goals when you starting a new alliance?[]

A.) Try to build your Center Fortress near an Alter or Sanctum. Then take it over and get the benefits. Also, try to stay away from already established large Alliances so they don't attack you. Invite as many players you can so you can star resources production. More members=more alliance resources=more flags.

Q.) How do I create and expand the Alliance Territory?[]

A.) You must have sufficient alliance priveliges (R4 (officer) or leader).You must place a Central Fortress first. This requires at least 20 alliance members and at least 500,000 total Alliance Power AND have Resource icon alliance credits1,000,000 alliance credits. Then an Alliance flag can be placed as long as its borders touch an existing border, either from a fortress or previously placed flag. The first Alliance Flag costs Resource icon alliance credits50,000 Alliance Credits.

See also Territory.

Q.) Can you withdraw your troops from a rally?[]

A.) No, once your troops have entered the city the rally is originating from, there is no way for you to recall them. You can only recall an army before it reaches the rally city (Tap on the marching army to see recall option). Before the rally leaves a city you can ask the rally leader to remove you from the rally. If rally left city you can leave the alliance and your troops will leave rally and go back to your city.

Q.) Where can I find a list of all FAQs for ROK?[]

A.)Navigate to your in-game profile and press on Customer Support. You now should be able to see in-game FAQs. For a bigger list, you can visit RiseOfKingdomsGuides FAQs.