Rise of Kingdoms Wiki

Your governor profile shows and displays a lot of information.

Governor ID[]

This is your unique ID#, unique to the current city. (ID confirmed to change throughout the game.)


Selected characters can only be used once in the entire game. Each of the following cities requires a different username, unique to others.


This is your picture. A default can be chosen, exclusive ones are unlocked during events like 2018 Halloween, and custom avatars may be chosen. As well, earned avatar frames can be applied.


This is your gallery. Pictures may be added to the album to be displayed with the settings "Only visible to you" or "Visible to all".


Shows your current civilization choice. It can be changed using a Civilization Change, but will not change the starting civilization commander.


If you are in an alliance you will see your alliance name on this section if you are not in any alliance you will see "-".


In this section, you will see your current power. It will be updated immediately after you finish a building, research, training, etc.


You will see your kills in this section. Kills refers to the number of troop kills and of the number of enemy troops brought to severely wounded status. Which means any neutral units will not count as kills. If the (?) is tapped, it will display total kills and a breakdown of how many of each unit tier the individual has killed or severely wounded.

Action Points[]

Shows the current amount of Action Points. Full action points are 1000 for everyone and it can be directly increased using action point items. Action points regenerate over time and can be buffed in various ways such as runes, VIP level, and civilization features. You can use action points to kill or join a rally against any neutral units except Guardians.

Achievement Wall[]

The wall has 5 slots, that displays achievement icons added from the achievements screen. By default, none are shown

More Info[]

This section allows you to see details of your profile. When you click that section you will see your avatar (just the image), name (and can edit it from this screen), Kills (also shown here, as described above), Power details, Battle Statistics, and Resource Statistics.


Rankings show us the current status of all kingdom. When you click on it you will see 8 other sub-sections those are :

  • Alliance Power : Ranks alliances by collective power.
  • Alliance Kills : Ranks alliances by total troop kills.
  • Alliance Flags : Ranks alliances by the most built flags.
  • Individual Power : Ranks individual governors by power.
  • Individual Kills : Ranks individual governors by troop kills.
  • City Hall Level : Ranks individual governors by the level of City Hall.
  • Resource Gathering : Ranks individual governors by the number of resources gathered.
  • King of Expedition : Ranks individual governors by the number of completed expedition levels.

When you click those sections you will see the detailed list on your screen. This feature is unlocked at City Hall level 8.


When you don't have an Alliance it will show 2 sections, Join and Create. If you choose Join, you will see the list of available alliances, and if you click Create you can create yourself an alliance for Item Gem500 gems. When you are in an alliance that section will transfer you to your alliance profile.


This section shows us the troops we have as a total. When you click that section you will see 3 different sub-sections those are:

  • Total Number of Units
  • In the City
  • On the Map,

referring to where troops are respectively. As well, troop dispatch queue, hospital capacity, and troop power are also displayed.


Achievements are unlocked at City Hall level 6. They fall under 6 categories:

  • Engineer
  • Overlord
  • Vanquisher
  • Adventurer
  • Pioneer
  • Child of Fate

Earning achievements grants points towards rewards, both by overall achievements completed, and in each individual category. The achievement wall is edited from here.


You can check all game settings by clicking that one. The current version and UTC time and date are displayed. There are 9 sub-sections in it.

  • Notifications : You can change your notifications here.
  • General Settings : There are many settings changed here: graphics quality, frame rate, SFX and music volume, gem use confirmation, march queue shortcut (quick march using commander avatar), hide purchase info (from alliance gift panel), blocking emoji/quick chats (deactivates automatically in 24 hours) and user interface display (to hide it when swiping on the map).
  • Emojis: Edits the emoji and quick chat roster in use.
  • Character Management : When you click on it you will see your cities if you have on other kingdoms. As well, you can switch to those cities or you can create new ones in other kingdoms. Remember you can only have 2 cities in 1 kingdom.
  • Account : When you click on that one you will see 2 sections " Link or Switch ". You can switch to your other account if you like from here or you can link your account to a Facebook, Google, and/or Apple/Google Play account.
  • Customer Service : You can reach out to Customer Service of Rise of Kingdoms anytime you like through here, and access Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
  • Language : You can switch the game language through here.
  • Community : This section will show options to reach the Rise of Kindgoms Facebook page, Discord server, Instagram profile, and Reddit subreddit.
  • Search Governor : You can click and type the name of a governor here to find them faster.
  • Redemption : Allows for redeeming of gift keys.
  • Blocked Mail : Shows your list of blocked players.