There are three types of Holy sites in rise of kingdoms with buffs for alliance: Shrine,Altars,Sanctums.

(Note: same types of site's buffs doesn't stack, so having two Earth Altars doesn't give you +10% building speed, only +5% building speed is given )

Following are the sites with all their buffs::

1) Shrine:

  • Shrine of Order = Troop defense +3% and Troop Health +3%
  • Shrine of Honor = Rallied Army Attack +5% and Gathering Speed +5%
  • Shrine of Radiance= Action Point Recovery +20% and Healing Speed +20%
  • Shrine of War= Troop Attack +3% and Training Speed +10%

2) Altars:

  • Earth Altar = Building Speed +5%
  • Wisdom Altar = Research Speed +5%
  • Harvest Altar = Resource Production +10%
  • Storm Altar = Training Speed +5%
  • Surge Altar = Troop defense +3%
  • Flame Altar = Troop Attack +3%

3) Sanctums:

  • Sanctum of Courage = Commander EXP Gain +10%
  • Sanctum of Wind = March Speed +5%
  • Sanctum of Blood = Troop Health 2%
  • Sanctum of Hope = Gathering Speed +5%


Sanctum guardians are 50k tier1 troops

Altar itself its 200k tier2 archers.

Altar guardians are 150k tier2 troops. Alters and sanctums are from 1st territory

Shrine guardians are 200k tier3 troops.

Lost Temple are 200k tier5 archers, it spawns guardians that enhance its damage and heal it by 25%. It is located in the center area of the map.

Lost Temple guardians are 200k tier4 troops.


Level 2 passes are 1M tier3 troops (infantry or cavalry)

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