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there are three types of Holy sites in Rise of Kingdoms that give buffs to the alliance who owns them: Sanctums, Altars, and Shrines. Passes are holy sites that allow alliance members to move from one region to another as well as to use Targeted Teleports between their current location and another region connected by an owned pass. The Lost Temple is a very special site, the of the alliance who controls the temple becomes [[Kings Sanctums, altars, and shrines are open for contending every 3 days. During this period, all alliances are able to attack a sanctum, altar, or shrine as long as they have Territory touching them, and an alliance gains control of the site if they occupy and hold it for 4 hours.

Note: the same types of site's buffs do not stack. Having two Earth Altars doesn't give you +10% building speed, only +5% building speed is given.


Found in zone 1. There are 70 sanctums in total. Four zone one regions have twelve sanctums and two have eleven. All units who are severely wounded during altar battles will be sent to the hospital.

  • Sanctum of Courage = Commander EXP Gain +10%
  • Sanctum of Wind = March Speed +5%
  • Sanctum of Blood = Troop Health 2%
  • Sanctum of Hope = Gathering Speed +5%


Found in zone 1. There are 37 altars total. Five zone one regions have six altars and one has seven. All units who are severely wounded during altar battles will be sent to the hospital.

  • Earth Altar = Building Speed +5%
  • Wisdom Altar = Research Speed +5%
  • Harvest Altar = Resource Production +10%
  • Storm Altar = Training Speed +5%
  • Surge Altar = Troop defense +3%
  • Flame Altar = Troop Attack +3%


Found in zone 2. There are three shrines per zone 2 region for a total of nine. Half of the units who are severely wounded during shrine battles will die immediately. Shrines can be attacked by rallied armies containing a maximum of 1.5 million units.

  • Shrine of Order = Troop defense +3% and Troop Health +3%
  • Shrine of Honor = Rallied Army Attack +5% and Gathering Speed +5%
  • Shrine of Radiance = Action Point Recovery +20% and Healing Speed +20%
  • Shrine of War = Troop Attack +3% and Training Speed +10%


Passes have an initial protection period, as the kingdom evolves the protection for each zone's passes is removed in order of zone 1 passes, then zone 2, then zone 3, then zone 4, 5, and 6 in Kingdom versus Kingdom. Once the protection period has ended any alliance can take control of a pass by having territory that touches it and then by fighting the garrison neutral troops in the pass. After a pass has been taken the first time any alliance can gain control of a pass by having territory touching it and simply occupying it if it is empty, or by fighting the owner alliance's armies that have reinforced it; no fighting of neutral troops is required after the initial occupation.

The Lost Temple

Found in zone 4. The temple is open for contending every 7 days, and an alliance must occupy and hold the temple for 8 hours to gain control of it. All units who are severely wounded during Lost Temple battles will die, except for battling the barbarian garrison during the first occupation.

The leader of the alliance who controls the lost temple becomes the King of the kingdom and allows the alliance to give out powerful buffs and debuffs through Titles to any governor in the kingdom. Kingdom-wide buffs for building speed, research speed, training speed, and resource production can be activated once a day. Gifts can be given out by the king once per week, one Legendary Trophy, two Epic Trophy, five Elite Trophy, and ten Advanced Trophy.

Troops Guarding The Holy Sites

Taking control of a site

Altars contain 600K of a random single type of t2 unit (Archers, Cavalry, Infantry) inside them.

Level 2 passes contain 1M tier 3 troops (infantry or cavalry).

Lost Temple contains 2 million tier 5 archers, Royal Crossbowmen. It spawns guardians that enhance its damage and Believer barbarians that will heal the temple by 25% if they reach it.

Guardians that spawn at a site

Guardians spawn every day at UTC 00:00 and 12:00 and stay up for 11 hours. Guardians will drop Runes and rarely Blueprints.

Suggested troops and experience gained

Sanctum guardians: 10K tier 1. 2.5K experience.

Altar guardians: 15K tier 2. 4K experience.

Shrine guardians: 30K tier 3. 7K experience.

Temple guardians: 35K tier 4.10K experience.

Lost Kingdom Holy Sites

Holy Sites in the lost kingdom operate in much the same way as shrines, altars, passes, and sanctums, and has a central structure which is instead named the Great Ziggurat. The difference here is that occupying a holy site will grant kingdom and alliance honour points continuously.

Crusader Fortresses and Crusader Camps

These sites are found in zone 4, where there is a Crusader Fortress and 4 Crusader Camps, meaning a total of 9 Crusader Fortresses, 1 per kingdom, and 36 Crusader Camps.

  • Crusader Camp = +25% Gathering Speed.

Finishing development of the Crusader Fortress will allow the occupying alliance to select a unique territory colour for all alliance territory of that kingdom in the Lost Kingdom.


Hierons are found in zone 5, and are essentially the Sanctums of the Lost Kingdom, for a total of 16 hierons.

  • Hieron of Steel = Troop Defense +5%
  • Hieron of Thorns = Troop Attack +5%


Sanctuaries are found in zone 5, and are essentially the Altars of the Lost Kingdom, for a total of 4 sanctuaries.

  • Sanctuary = March Speed +10%


Circles are found in zone 6, and are essentially the Shrines of the Lost Kingdom, for a total of 12 circles.

  • Circle of Defense = +20% Reinforcement Capacity, +20%
Watchtower damage
  • Circle of Vitality = +30% Healing Speed, +10% Hospital Capacity
  • Circle of Nature = Counterattack Damage Taken Reduction 10%, Action Point Recovery +20%
  • Circle of Courage = All Damage +3%, Rallied Army Capacity +10%

Ancient Ruins, Altars of Darkness and Citadels

However, Ancient Ruins, Altars of Darkness and Citadels are structures that are occupied instead by having only troops of 1 alliance within its borders, and having all barbarians within the borders of the site defeated.

Ancient Ruins and Altars of Darkness

Ancient Ruins (zone 5) and Altars of Darkness (zone 6) can be contested once every 2 days, and can only be occupied for a short period, 1 hour for the Ancient Ruins, and 2 hours for Altars of Darkness. These sites continuously grant honour points and experience to 1 march of a governor's troops within the site. Barbarian forces will spawn within the site every few minutes. There are 2 Ancient Ruins per zone 5, for a total of 8, and 1 Altar of Darkness per zone 6, for a total of 4.


Citadels, when occupied, will attack the occupying forces of the Great Ziggurat directly. There are 4 Citadels, all in zone 7 bordering the Great Ziggurat.

Great Ziggurat

Located in zone 7, this is the equivalent of the Lost Temple in the Lost Kingdom, occupying this site gives:

  • +3% All Damage
  • 3% All Damage Taken Reduction
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