The Supply Box is an event-specific item given from Strategic Reserve event. Despite the item description stating the items are chosen random, when opened it gives items from at varying levels of frequency.

Item Description Drop table Gained from
Item Supply Box
Supply Box
Open it to receive random rewards. Any two of the following:
Item Food
1,000 Food x5 (very often)
Item Wood
1,000 Wood x5 (very often)
Item Stone
1,000 Stone x5 (very often)
Item Universal Speedup
Universal Speedup (15m) x1 (often)
Item Building Speedup
Building Speedup (15m) x1 (often)
Item Training Speedup
Training Speedup (15m) x1 (often)
Item Research Speedup
Research Speedup (15m) x1 (often)
Item Healing Speedup
Healing Speedup (15m) x1 (often)
Item Arrow of Resistance
Arrow of Resistance x1 (rarely)
Item Silver Key
Silver Key x1 (rarely)
Item Golden Key
Golden Key x1 (very rarely)
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