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Unlocked after recapturing your kingdom's ruined crusader fortress.

Hurrah! We have regained control over our Kingdom's crusader fortress.

Centuries ago, this mighty structure belonger to our ancestors, but the barbarians living in this kingdom took it by force and slew our forefathers. Today we have finally reclaimed it.

Countless years of battle and disuse have left the fortress in terrible condition. We must reconstruct it and bring back the past glory of our ancestors!


Participate in the "Past Glory" events to earn Icon kvk rebuilding point.png rebuilding points. Once the rebuilding progress bar reaches 100%, the current stage will end and the next stage will begin.

The Past Glory event consists of a total of three different stages for your kingdom. Upon completion of a stage, all governors from this home kingdom will receive special buffs and items.

Stage 1: Ashes & Dust

The defeat of our forefathers echoes in these ruins

Donate resources with your Kingdom and receive Icon kvk rebuilding point.png rebuilding points and Item Crusader's Supply Chest.png Crusader's Supply Chests.

Rewards: Glory

  • UI Troop Attack.png Troops Attack +15%
  • UI Troop Defense.png Troops Defense +15%
  • UI Troop Health.png Troops Health +15%
  • Gold Chest.png Rebuilding Stage 1 Rewards

Stage 1: Ashes & Dust

Stage 2: Annihilation

Our enemies will pay for their overconfidence

Rewards: Mercy

  • UI Hospital Capacity.png Hospital Capacity +100%
  • UI Gathering Speed Icon.png Gathering Speed +25%
  • Gold Chest.png Rebuilding Stage 2 Rewards

Stage 2: Annihilation

Stage 3: Heroism

What we do here today will go down in history

Every era has its heroes. Perhaps you will be the mighty champion of whom our descendants sing.

  1. Governors can donate commander sculptures to receive Item Hero Medaillon.pngHero Medaillons
  2. Item Hero Medaillon.pngHero Medaillons can be exchanged for rare items
  3. Each donation will speed up the reconstruction of your kingdom's crusade fortress
  4. Once your kingdom's crusader fortress has been rebuilt, the leader of the alliance controlling the fortress will be able to select a unified color for all Lost Kingdom territory controlled by alliances from their home kingdom. In addition, the crusader fortress will begin providing honor for its home kingdom once reconstruction is complete
  5. At the end of the event, all unused Item Hero Medaillon.pngHero Medaillons will be reclaimed

Item Hero Medaillon.pngHero Medaillons can be exchanged for items during the "Hero's Welcome" event.

Rewards: Discipline

  • UI Unified Flag Color.png Territory Controlled by this kingdom's alliances will be displayed using a unified color, and governors will be able to teleport onto all of their kingdom's.

Stage 3: Heroism