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There are a lot of ways to increase your power, such as by upgrading buildings in the city, training or upgrading new troops, researching the latest technologies, improving commander skills, leveling up commanders, and spending talent points, as indicative of the following 4 types of power:

  • Building Power
  • Technology Power
  • Troops Power
  • Commander Power

Troops power in particular can be lost during combat, when troops become slightly or severely wounded, and permanently lost if they are killed.

Power at the start for every city is 1,033.

Power levels, when high enough, can unlock positions for commanders to be assigned to in Commander View, which gives the commander assigned a buff.

Position Buff Power Level Required
Ranger Damage to Barbarians +5%

Commander EXP Gain +5%

Tax Officer Gathering Speed +5% 200k
Drillmaster Troop Attack +1% 500k
Iron Guard Troop Health +1% 1.2M
Supply Captain Gathering Speed +5%

Troop Load +5%

Charge Captain Rallied Army Attack +1%

Rallied Army March Speed +1%

Knight Head Troop Defense +1%

Troop Health +1%