Galloping Horses is a side quest which offers rewards for upgrading the Stable.

Galloping Horses — Upgrade the Stable (edit)
Requirement Reward
Upgrade Stable to Level 2 Resource icon food 750
Resource icon wood 500
Upgrade Stable to Level 3 Resource icon food 1,000
Resource icon wood 2,000
Upgrade Stable to Level 4 Resource icon food 1,500
Resource icon wood 2,500
Upgrade Stable to Level 5 Resource icon food 6,750
Resource icon wood 8,250
Upgrade Stable to Level 6 Resource icon food 4,750
Resource icon wood 6,500
Resource icon stone 2,750
Upgrade Stable to Level 7 Resource icon food 5,750
Resource icon wood 7,750
Resource icon stone 3,500
Upgrade Stable to Level 8 Resource icon food 7,500
Resource icon wood 9,750
Resource icon stone 4,500
Upgrade Stable to Level 9 Resource icon food 8,250
Resource icon wood 9,500
Resource icon stone 4,750
Upgrade Stable to Level 10 Resource icon food 5,250
Resource icon wood 6,750
Resource icon stone 3,500
Upgrade Stable to Level 20 Resource icon food 208,500
Resource icon wood 270,750
Resource icon stone 144,250
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