Rise of Kingdoms Wiki

A Buff dropped by guardians after you defeated them. The better the guardian the better the Rune. Runes have many buffs. Like decreased research time and training time. You can also tell how rare they are by the color. You should always keep 1 Tier 1 horseman around (Fastest Thing in the game) to go gather them

  • Runes can give you buffs but only up to a maximum
  • White (upwards to 3% Buff)
  • Green (upwards to 7% Buff)
  • Blue (upwards to 10% Buff)
  • Purple (upwards to 15% Buff)
  • Orange (upwards to 20% Buff)

Very Helpful for: Gathering, Production, Wars, Building Stuff, Upgrading stuff, Researching ( We all know the T5 time) and much more!

So go out there kill some Sanctum Guardians, Altar Guardians, Shrine Guardians, and Temple Guardians and get those runes!