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This item is used as a helper template for the Template:BlockGallery is can only be used in a gallery context.


The gallery item supports both optional link and text parameters. Through simple logic it determines what to write.

Parameter Description Default value
1 The first parameter described the image. Even though this is an unnamed parameter it is recommended to use it as a named parameter. This means that you would use the "1=" syntax.
link A for the caption and the image itself. empty
text A text value for the caption. When used in combination with the link parameter, the links text will change to this value. empty

Indented script version

{{{1}}} | 
{{#if: {{{link|}}} 
        | '''[[ {{{link}}} {{!}}
                {{#if: {{{text|}}} 
                    | {{{text}}}
                    | {{{link|}}}
        ]]'''{{!}} link={{{link|}}}
        | {{{text|}}} 


This example will use Template:BlockGallery to generate the different gallery items.

    {{BlockGalleryItem|1=Lancelot.png|text='''Caption lancelot image'''}}
    {{BlockGalleryItem|1=Lancelot.png|link=Template:BlockGalleryItem|text=Redirect to this same page.}}
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