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This template is the main structure that is used throughout the wiki. It usage is fairly simple as it is simply a block that encapsulates your given content.


Parameter Description Default value
1 The first parameter is used to define the main content that the block should encapsulate. Even though this is an unnamed parameter it is recommended to use it as a named parameter. This means that you would use the "1=" syntax.
header The header for the block.
class / id For the purpose of uniquely styling, you can assign HTML classes and IDs to the block element. This used for optional styling of individual blocks. empty

Indented script version

<div class="block {{{class|}}}" id="{{{id|}}}">


{{ItemBlock|header=My custom block|1=
    <p>My own content, that will support MediaWiki, Lua and HTML</p>

My custom block

My own content, that will support MediaWiki, Lua and HTML

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