An alliance should have its own territory because if you have your territory you can find some Alliance Depots for yourself to improve your alliance. There are certain elements to have your own territory. Once you have your own territory your alliance can have Alliance Depots.

Alliance Castles

First one is the building a castle. You need alliance credit to build your own castle, to gain alliance credit there is a couple of ways. The Alliance Fortress is the basic requirement for all alliance buildings as well as the starting point of the alliance territory. All alliance territories must be adjacent to the fortress to take effect.

  • Alliance Help: When you and your alliance's members help your alliance members through "Help" menu in the Alliance section you will gain Alliance Credits
  • Alliance Technology Donations: When you and your alliance's members donate to your alliance through "Technology" section in Alliance Section your alliance will get Alliance Credits.

After you gather enough Alliance Credits, Leader can build a Alliance Castle for the Alliance (Only leader can do it). When you built up your castle you will have your own territory. Alliance Castles took some time to finish it you need help of your members to finish your castle. Every castle can take 2 million troops for building Every member of Alliance can participate and it will speedup with every member. There are 3 castle slots on your Alliance Territory Screen and each one have higher health but also more expensive. You can build your first castle with only Alliance Credit but other castles will cost some resources as well.

  • First Castle Cost: 1M Alliance Credit
  • Second Castle Cost: 4.5M Alliance Credit, 1.8M Food, 1.8M Wood, 1.4M Stone, 900k Gold
  • Third Castle Cost: 8.9M Alliance Credit , 4.5M Food, 4.5M Wood, 2.7M Stone, 1.8M Gold

Alliance Depots

There are 4 kinds of Alliance Depots and those are Wood, Food, Stone, Gold Depots. Those are the buildings in the Rise of Civilization World that waiting for you to take them. You will take depots once you own the territory by building flags or building castles automatically. Once you have a Depot that building start to work for your alliance and it will give you hourly production for you and your Alliance Storage also. 

Alliance Flags

After you built up your castle you will need some "Flags" to expend your territory. When you expend your territory with Flags and Castles you will be the owner of that territory and if there is a Alliance Depot in the territory you will automatically own that as well. Alliance flags cost you some resources and Alliance Credit and it only use it from Alliance Storage and you can't donate some resources to your alliance so you need to gather that resources for your alliance. Once you have your castle whenever your members gather in your territory you gain resources. You can use those resources for your flags or your alliance researches. Alliance flags cost less at first but the price will increase along with the number of it.

Alliance Flags very important because if your territory is not connected to Holy Sites, Passes or other Alliance Territories you can't attack them and take them or burn them so if you want to attack some other alliance or wanted to take yourself a Holy Site you should build your flags to their border first.

Whenever you take a new member to your alliance they can use their "Territorial Teleport" to teleport to you and that kind a teleport item only can be use when you have your own Territory and they can only Teleport inside that.

Alliance Flag Costs:

  • 1st group of flags: 50k Alliance Credit, per flag
  • 2nd group of flags: 50k Alliance Credit + 25k Food + 25k Wood, per flag
  • 3rd group of flags: 100K Alliance Credit + 50k Food + 50k Wood, per flag
  • 4th group of Flags (35th Flag): 150K Alliance Credit, 75k Food, 75k Wood, 55k Stone per flag
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