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An alliance expands through territory. Territory is gained through fortresses, flags, and by taking control of Holy Sites. The only way to attack Holy Sites and other alliance's flags or fortresses is by having territory that touches them. When an alliance's territory encompasses the center point of Alliance Resource Points and normal resource points they become property of the alliance. Members can use Territorial Teleports to teleport onto alliance territory even when the alliance does not own the passes between the member's current location and the target location.

Alliance Fortresses

An alliance needs a center fortress to build flags which expands the alliance's territory. All flags must be connected to either the Center Fortress or Alliance Fortresses, but fortresses can be built alone without touching any existing alliance territory. The first fortress an alliance can build is the Center Fortress, after which up to two Alliance Fortresses can be built. Once you have a center fortress you can build an alliance fortress anywhere in the kingdom as well as in the Lost Kingdom. You need Resource icon alliance credits.pngalliance credits to build a fortress which can be gained in a couple of ways:

  • Alliance Help: When you and your alliance members help your alliance members through "Help" menu in the Alliance section you will gain Resource icon alliance credits.pngAlliance Credits
  • Alliance Technology Donations: When you and your alliance's members donate to your alliance through "Technology" section in Alliance Section your alliance will get Resource icon alliance credits.pngAlliance Credits.

Once the alliance has enough Alliance Credits, the alliance leader can build a Alliance Center Fortress for the alliance. When a center fortress is done building the alliance will have its first territory. Every fortress can take 2 million troops for building. Any member of the alliance can participate and time reduces with every member. Up to three fortresses can be built.

Fortress Cost
Center Fortress Resource icon alliance credits.png 1.0M 
Alliance Fortress 1 Resource icon alliance food.png 1.8M Resource icon alliance wood.png 1.8M Resource icon alliance stone.png 1.4M Resource icon alliance gold.png 900K Resource icon alliance credits.png 4.5M 
Alliance Fortress 2 Resource icon alliance food.png 4.5M Resource icon alliance wood.png 4.5M Resource icon alliance stone.png 2.7M Resource icon alliance gold.png 1.8M Resource icon alliance credits.png 8.9M 

Alliance Resource Points

Once an alliance owns a resource point it will start giving the alliance resources which are stored in the storehouse. There are five kinds of Alliance Resource Points: Alliance Cropland, Alliance Logging Camp, Alliance Stone Deposit, Alliance Gold Deposit, and Alliance Crystal Field in the Lost Kingdom. These structures are predefined on the map, as the kingdom evolves no new alliance resource points are made and none disappear. An alliance gains control of an alliance resource point by owning territory whose boundaries encompass the center point of a resource point. The alliance who owns a resource point is listed under "Alliance" when tapping a resource point, this also shows the per hour territory earnings of the resource point. 

The Storehouse page shows how much total resources the alliance gains per hour per resource type. Note that members get 50% of these values which they can claim in the Alliance Territory page; if the storehouse lists Resource icon food.png100k food per hour that means the alliance storehouse grows by Resource icon food.png100k food per hour and each member's territory resource earnings for food grows by Resource icon food.png50k per hour. 

Normal Resource Points

Normal resource points are Cropland, Woodland, Stone Deposit, Gold Deposit, and Gem Deposit. Alliance members 25% faster gathering speed at normal resource points the alliance owns. Alliance members gathering at normal resource points grants the alliance extra resources into its storehouse. Like alliance resource points, an alliance owns a normal resource point when the center point is encompassed in the boundaries of the alliance territory.

Alliance Flags

After an alliance has a center fortress flags can be connected to it to expand territory. Flags must be touching alliance territory and cannot be built inside of another alliance's territory. For every ten alliance flags built the maximum member capacity of the alliance grows by one.

Alliance Flag Costs (Note: some of these costs include alliance technology - Architecture, so your cost may be ~5% less or more than these values):

Flag Number Cost
1-5 Resource icon alliance credits.png 50.0k 
6-14 Resource icon alliance food.png 25.0K Resource icon alliance wood.png 25.0K Resource icon alliance credits.png 50.0K 
15-29 Resource icon alliance food.png 50.0K Resource icon alliance wood.png 50.0K Resource icon alliance credits.png 100.0K 
30-49 Resource icon alliance food.png 75.0K Resource icon alliance wood.png 75.0K Resource icon alliance stone.png 55.0K Resource icon alliance credits.png 150.0K 
50-?? Resource icon alliance food.png 100.0K Resource icon alliance wood.png 100.0K Resource icon alliance stone.png 75.0K? Resource icon alliance credits.png 150.0K? 
151-169 Resource icon alliance food.png 405.0K Resource icon alliance wood.png 405.0 Resource icon alliance stone.png 303.750K Resource icon alliance gold.png 202.5K Resource icon alliance credits.png 225.0K 
170-?? Resource icon alliance food.png 489.5K Resource icon alliance wood.png 489.5K Resource icon alliance stone.png 367.125K Resource icon alliance gold.png 244.750K Resource icon alliance credits.png 222.5K 
??-238 Resource icon alliance food.png 487.5K Resource icon alliance wood.png 487.5K Resource icon alliance stone.png 365.6K Resource icon alliance gold.png 243.8K Resource icon alliance credits.png 225.0K  at max tech
239-248 Resource icon alliance food.png 525.0k Resource icon alliance wood.png 525.0k Resource icon alliance stone.png 393.8k Resource icon alliance gold.png 262.5k Resource icon alliance credits.png 225.0k  at max tech
249-268 Resource icon alliance food.png 562.5k Resource icon alliance wood.png 562.5k Resource icon alliance stone.png 421.9k Resource icon alliance gold.png 281.2k Resource icon alliance credits.png 225.0k  at max tech
269-297 Resource icon alliance food.png 600.0k Resource icon alliance wood.png 600.0k Resource icon alliance stone.png 450.0k Resource icon alliance gold.png 300.0k Resource icon alliance credits.png 225.0K  at max tech
298-299 Resource icon alliance food.png 900.0K Resource icon alliance wood.png 900.0K Resource icon alliance stone.png 675.0K Resource icon alliance gold.png 450.0K Resource icon alliance credits.png 225.0K  at max tech
300-329 Resource icon alliance food.png 900.0K Resource icon alliance wood.png 900.0K Resource icon alliance stone.png 675.0K Resource icon alliance gold.png 450.0K Resource icon alliance credits.png 300.0K  at max tech
330-?? Resource icon alliance food.png 975.0K Resource icon alliance wood.png 975.0K Resource icon alliance stone.png 731.2K Resource icon alliance gold.png 487.5K Resource icon alliance credits.png 300.0K  at max tech