• Hey, I am doing a review of the navigation bar across the wikis I manage as part of a larger effort to make wiki navigation more useful to readers as outlined in this blog (which you might want to read if you haven't already).

    The Rise of Kingdoms tab seems fine. The Community tab isn't too bad, although User Rights and Recently Changed seem out of place there and Help Desk could probably be merged in instead. Popular only serves one purpose and is unnecessary, however, if Recent Changes were added to it, at least it could have more purpose.

    If Community and Help Desk were merged, there could be one new top level tab created instead that could have more content that might be useful for readers. Community probably should also be shifted to last position on the bar as its contents are the least relevant to readers of this wiki.

    These are my thoughts are suggestions on it, but of course, you can determine what you think would work best here.

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    • Epic, thanks for your feedback. I have shifted some of the nagivation items around according to your feedback¬†:)

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